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    Products Finding & Best Sellers | 15 min read

    The Top 10 Storage & Organization Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2021

    Selling limits are eBay’s way of limiting new sellers on their platform from growing too fast. But, why would they want to do that, you ask?

    Think about it – if there weren’t any selling limits, anyone can open a seller account, list expensive products, sell them, not ship out anything and keep the money.

    To avoid such scenarios from occurring, every new seller starts with a low limit of up to 10 items and $500. Both of these limits include the number listed and sold combined.

    How Do eBay Selling Limits Work?

    To understand how eBay selling limits work, we need to familiarize ourselves with how the item quantity/ $ Amount limits work and the monthly listing renewals.

    Item Quantity / $ Amount Limit
    We’ll demonstrate how eBay selling limits work on a starting limit of 10 items and $500. So, let’s say we listed 1 item for $100. This will update our limits to 9 items and $490.

    Now, let’s say that item sold a couple of days after listing it. Our limits will update to 8 items and $480. That’s because, as explained above, eBay counts both the amount listed and sold.

    Therefore, start with cheap items, and don’t let one expensive item hog up your limits. The more items we have, the higher our chances to sell and get the ball rolling.

    Monthly Listing Renewals (Good ‘Til Cancelled listings)
    All of the eBay selling limits renew at the beginning of each month. Meaning, we begin every month with 0 items and $0 amount listed and sold.

    And, every calendar month, eBay also renews the listings on our stores. That’s because our fixed-price listings automatically come with the ‘Good ‘Til Cancelled’ option.

    For example, if we add a new listing on January 5th, then on February 5th, the listing will renew itself. Renewing means it will take up space on our monthly selling limits (and insertion fees on our store subscription.)

    Therefore, it’s essential to check our listings’ performance the day before they renew themselves.

    Then, we can remove those that aren’t performing well and replace them before taking up space on our monthly selling limits.